Civil Litigation

Grigoras Law's Civil Litigation Services

Grigoras Law, headquartered in Toronto, proudly serves clients across Ontario in civil litigation matters. From local Ontarians to clients from across Canada, the United States, and beyond, if your legal proceedings are in Ontario, we’re your trusted ally. We’re frequently retained by American and international clients facing Ontario-based civil disputes. Our commitment is unwavering: to provide clear, straightforward solutions and to work diligently to achieve your desired outcomes—even if it means taking matters to trial. At Grigoras Law, our approach is meticulous. Each case undergoes a comprehensive evaluation, allowing us to craft a potent case rooted in facts and evidence. Whether we’re formulating theories of liability for claimants or devising a robust defence strategy for defendants, our commitment to excellence remains steadfast. You can always count on us to ensure you’re informed and confident every step of the way.

Core Practice Areas

Our expertise in tort claims ranges from representing to defending both individuals and organizations in various incidents. These might arise from defamation, Charter damages, slips and falls, dog bites and attacks, product defects, marine accidents, privacy law, professional negligence, property damage, wrongful death, or more

Our experienced lawyers work diligently to secure fair compensation for those injured. On the other hand, we also assist defendants, ensuring they have a robust defence. We meticulously evaluate potential damages from medical bills to emotional trauma. For defendants, we review every detail to determine the best legal strategy.

Furthermore, we offer extensive services, from incident investigations to court representation when needed. We have a comprehensive understanding of personal injury laws, and we are committed to advancing our clients’ cases to obtain the outcomes they deserve.

Our ultimate goal at Grigoras Law is twofold: provide compassionate, thorough legal support for victims and offer a strong defence for those facing allegations. By doing so, we hope to pave a clear path forward for our clients.

When it comes to business disputes, Grigoras Law stands out with its dedicated focus on commercial litigation. From navigating contract disputes and resolving shareholder disagreements to addressing antitrust complexities, our team is adept at safeguarding our clients’ commercial interests.

Recognizing the potential burdens of prolonged litigation, our approach emphasizes streamlining procedures to expedite favourable resolutions. While we always explore avenues of alternative dispute resolution, we remain prepared for assertive courtroom advocacy when required.

Our collaborative commercial litigation team distinguishes itself through meticulous trial preparation, strategic foresight, and adept negotiation. Enlisting the support of expert witnesses and consultants, sometimes including outside counsel, we fortify our clients’ positions.

At the heart of our practice is a commitment to delivering tailored, cost-conscious legal strategies that prioritize our clients’ commercial objectives.

Fraud covers actions from misrepresentation to false promises. Grigoras Law is well-versed in this challenging field, offering astute legal counsel to both victims of fraud and those contesting allegations of fraud.

Our legal team, fortified by diverse experiential insights, is proficient in navigating the nuanced facets of fraud claims. By forging a close alliance with our clients, we meticulously devise strategies to confront alleged deceptive acts, pinpoint responsible entities, and endeavour to recuperate losses. Our collaboration with an elite ensemble of forensic specialists and seasoned investigators ensures our clients retain a tactical edge.

Facing the tumultuous waters of fraud, be it as a victim or one under scrutiny, demands unwavering dedication. At Grigoras Law, it’s your faith in us that fuels our zealous quest for justice.

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