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Civil Litigation

Civil Litigation (noun) /siv-uhl lit-i-gey-shuhn/: A controversy in court to protect a private, civil right or compel a remedy, distinct from criminal prosecution. It involves resolving disputes and enforcing legal rights between private parties, including personal injury, contract disputes, and property issues.

Business Law

Business Law (noun) /biz-nis law/: The body of law governing the creation, operation, and dissolution of businesses, including corporate law, commercial transactions, and the regulation of trade. It addresses both corporate and commercial aspects, ensuring legal compliance in business activities.


Appeals (noun) /uh-peels/: A judicial process in which a higher court reviews and corrects errors or unfairness in decisions made by a lower court, ensuring proper exercise of judicial discretion and adherence to legal standards. Appeals help maintain public confidence in the administration of justice.

Nevada Law

Nevada Law (noun) /nuh-va-duh law/: The body of laws governing Nevada residents, including the Nevada Constitution, Nevada Revised Statutes, and decisions by state and federal courts. These laws are interpreted by the Nevada Supreme Court, Nevada Court of Appeals, and federal courts.

Our Practice

Civil Litigation Toronto
In an era of complex legal challenges, Toronto-based Grigoras Law stands out with a client-centric approach, delivering exceptional results by comprehensively understanding multiple areas of law. We don’t just practice law – we master its interconnections to champion our clients’ diverse needs.
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Fearless. Driven. Committed. Unabated. Versatile. Purposeful. Undaunted.

Undaunted by legal battles, we stand firm behind our clients, whether claimants or defendants. Our track record speaks volumes: from securing pivotal victories to defending against significant allegations. With our team, you'll always have a reliable ally at your back.

Resilient. Tenacious. Unwavering. Focused. Decisive. Resolute. Determined.

In every endeavour, we handle diverse legal cases, from intricate transactions to high-stakes litigation. With smart strategies and our expertise, we consistently secure victories, navigate risks, and champion our clients' causes with staunch commitment.

Steadfast. Goal-oriented. Motivated. Comprehensive. Interdisciplinary. Bold. Multifaceted.

Our team combines vast knowledge across diverse legal fields, delivering comprehensive, tailored counsel. We steadfastly embrace growth, adapt to legal trends, and focus on client success, expertly managing your legal needs with skill and integrity.

Our Team

Our seasoned team seamlessly merges vast legal experience with dedication, excelling in litigation and intricate commercial matters with unparalleled expertise.

Denis Grigoras

/ Lawyer

Practice Focus:

Defamation, Commercial Litigation, Business Law

Rachelle Wabischewich

/ Lawyer

Practice Focus:

Commercial Litigation, Business Law, Dog Bites & Attacks


Client Outcomes

Client success stories.

Civil Litigation:
Fiddick’s Nursing Home Limited v. Moore et al., [2024] O.J. No. 630.  Anti-SLAPP motion in a defamation action arising from a series of tweets posted, or in some instances reposted, by the defendants on Twitter and comments that were published in a newspaper.
Civil Litigation:
Successfully defended Missouri-based LLCs in Ontario against claims of civil conspiracy, fraudulent and negligent misrepresentation, and breach of duty of honest and good faith contractual performance related to a cross-border asset purchase. Concurrent litigation in Missouri addressed the same parties, involving the complex issue of forum non conveniens.
Commercial Transaction:
Acted for a southwest Ontario-based company providing truckload, expedited, and dedicated transportation to customers in Ontario and the Great Lakes states in their multi-million dollar asset sale to one of Canada’s largest transportation and logistics providers.
Taxpayer Relief Application:
Submitted successful taxpayer relief application to CRA for an individual client resulting in CRA cancelling/waiving approximately $150,000 in interest and penalties.
Civil Litigation:
Successfully represented Michigan-based individuals in a contract dispute involving services performed in Ontario, in which an Ontario-based company demanded liquidated damages. The case focused on a consumer agreement that was a future performance agreement under Ontario's Consumer Protection Act.
Civil Litigation:
Successfully acted as counsel for a client injured during a zip-lining accident at a ski hill, successfully settling for a substantial sum. The case centred on the issue of liability waivers.
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