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In an era of complex legal challenges, Toronto-based Grigoras Law stands out with a client-centric approach, delivering exceptional results by comprehensively understanding multiple areas of law. We don’t just practice law – we master its interconnections to champion our clients’ diverse needs.
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Undaunted by legal battles, we stand firm behind our clients, whether claimants or defendants. Our track record speaks volumes: from securing pivotal victories to defending against significant allegations. With our team, you'll always have a reliable ally at your back.


In every endeavor, we handle diverse legal cases, from intricate transactions to high-stakes litigation. With smart strategies and our expertise, we consistently secure victories, navigate risks, and champion our clients' causes with unwavering commitment.


Our team combines vast knowledge across diverse legal fields, delivering comprehensive, tailored counsel. We steadfastly embrace growth, adapt to legal trends, and focus on client success, expertly managing your legal needs with skill and integrity.

Our Team

Our seasoned team seamlessly merges vast legal experience with dedication, excelling in litigation and intricate commercial matters with unparalleled expertise.

Denis Grigoras

/ Civil Lawyer

Practice Focus:

Defamation, Commercial Litigation, Business Law

Rachelle Wabischewich

/ Civil Lawyer

Practice Focus:

Commercial Litigation, Business Law, Dog Bites & Attacks


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Ontario Shareholder Remedies Explained

In the intricate world of corporate law, shareholders possess a slew of rights. When these rights are jeopardized, or when the corporation’s actions seem unjust or prejudicial, shareholders can turn to specific remedies enshrined in the law.

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What Business Structure Should I Use in Ontario | Toronto Business Lawyers

What Business Structure Should I Use in Ontario?

Starting a business is a thrilling adventure, akin to setting out on an uncharted path. Every decision made at the outset lays the foundation for future success. One such pivotal decision is selecting the right business structure. This isn’t just a bureaucratic step; it shapes the very essence of your business, influencing liability, tax implications, operational processes, and more.

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Sublease vs Assignment

Assignment vs. Sublease in Commercial Tenancies

Navigating the complex landscape of commercial tenancies becomes even more intricate when terms like “assignment” and “sublease” emerge. While these terms may sometimes be used interchangeably by those less acquainted with property jargon, they embody distinct concepts with specific legal implications. Grasping the differences between them is vital for both tenants and landlords to facilitate seamless transitions and evade potential pitfalls.

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Online Trolls

Defamation in the Age of Online Trolls

The freedom of the internet allows for uninhibited self-expression. While many embrace this freedom to share positive stories, ideas, and feedback, others exploit it to spread malicious rumors or make derogatory comments without facing immediate consequences. The cloak of anonymity can embolden such individuals, making the internet a potential hotbed for defamation.

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