Tax Law

Taxpayer Relief Applications

These specialized applications allow the Canada Revenue Agency to cancel or waive a taxpayer's penalties and interest (on assessed or unassessed amounts) in certain situations like extraordinary circumstances that are beyond the taxpayer's control, actions of the CRA that are due to errors and delays on their part, financial hardship or an inability to pay, or other circumstances the don't fall within these categories.  At the present time, we do not offer legal advice on tax law or on matters involving the Income Tax Act; however, we can help you draft the narrative for your application.  These relief applications are rarely granted due to poor wording and the taxpayer's failure to relate his or her life event to his or her failure to file on a timely manner.  Please contact us or use the Intake Form below to get started. 

  • Taxpayer relief on the basis of extraordinary circumstances

  • Taxpayer relief on the basis of the actions of the CRA

  • Taxpayer relief on the basis of an inability to pay or financial hardship

  • Taxpayer relief on the basis of other circumstances