Practice Areas

We are a general practice law firm that focuses on business law, civil litigation, family law, and administrative law.  We work hard to protect and advance our clients’ interests; in fact, it's the very cornerstone of our practice.  Our legal work and competency inside and outside the court room gives us a level of understanding that sets us apart from other firms: it gives us the ability to see the big picture where different areas of law overlap.

Trust is a function of two things: character and competence. Character includes your integrity, your motive and your intent with people. Competence includes your capabilities, your skills, and your track record. Both are vital.

- Stephen Covey

Different practice areas where we can be of service to you.

Grigoras Law is a general practice law firm and our professionals can represent you in various matters.  Contact us for legal help.

Our business law practice handles transactional work and the drafting, review and negotiation of various business documents and agreements.

We handle various civil litigation matters including personal injury claims, business disputes, real estate issues, fraud claims and securities law violations.

Our family law practice helps clients with domestic contracts and difficult family proceedings resulting from a breakdown in the relationship.

Our administrative law practice focuses on judicial review applications, tax appeals, and education/academic appeals.