Other things we excel at. 

We Do a Bunch of Other Things Too

Focusing on You

We are a general law practice, but we still focus on particulars.  Our generalist approach gives us a breadth of knowledge and we use that knowledge to benefit individuals and businesses alike.   We’re confident that the other services we offer can provide compelling value to you and your business, no matter the unique situation that you’re in. 


Agreements by couples at whatever stage in their relationship dealing with almost any matter, including marriage, parenting, cohabitation, separation, or variation.


Researching the law in the context of the specific set of facts applicable to your case. Results delivered to you in the format of a Legal Memorandum.


Specialized applications to the Canada Revenue Agency to cancel or waive a taxpayer’s penalties and interest in certain situations.


On Problem-Solving

We’re focused on providing you with superior service for your unique case and we are committed to finding solutions for your unique problems.

Fixed-Fee and Alternative Fee Arrangements

No Surprises

We hate surprises, but only when it comes to pricing.  We do our absolute best to maintain a fixed-fee payment structure for our Other Services, including a combination of fixed-fee and other alternative fee arrangements.  Our work can only be valuable to you if we’ve met (or exceeded) your expectations, and integral to assessing that value is the cost of our services.

Let's Discuss

Your Starting Point

We provide you with different services, including reviewing, drafting, and/or negotiating domestic contracts, legal research for other lawyers and self-represented litigants, and drafting taxpayer review applications to the CRA on your behalf.  Start by connecting with us so that we can assess what exactly you need.

Other Services
Other Services

We strive to make our clients Thrive.

So, let's thrive together.

Other Services