Mediation and A.D.R.

We will represent businesses or individuals who are trying to resolve their legal disputes with the opposing side, whether the resolution attempt is formal or informal, whether it's through mediation or some other form of A.D.R (Alternative Dispute Resolution).  Sometimes these attempts are made early on (before any formal proceedings have been commenced), while other times these attempts are made as late as the eve of trial (long after formal proceedings have been commenced).  In the grand scheme of things, the overwhelming majority of cases settle without going to trial.  Litigation has become increasingly protracted, it requires a high risk-tolerance, lots of time and emotional capital, and it is extremely expensive; quite frankly, most Canadians cannot afford to go to trial.  

You should always try to resolve things.  Your mind should always be open to that possibility.  However, depending on the timing of things and on the unique circumstances of your case, a disparity in bargaining power may exist.  And a want of bargaining power will compromise your position and, ultimately, may compromise the outcome of your attempted mediation.  This is where you need to level the playing field.  How can you do that and how can we help?  With the team at Grigoras Law, you'll have lawyers who take the time to understand your case, who take the time to understand you as a person, who take the time to understand your opponent, and who take the time to negotiate for and with you with a view to resolving the conflict.

Unless we are already representing you in a civil litigation matter where mediation is part of the retainer, you can retain us through a limited-scope retainer to specifically try to resolve your dispute through mediation or some other A.D.R. mechanism.

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  • Personal injury disputes

  • Business disputes

  • Commercial landlord-tenant disputes

  • Breach of contract disputes

  • Human rights and discrimination issues