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Litigation Support Services

We offer these services through a limited-scope retainer, which is sometimes referred to as an "unbundling" agreement.  With this type of arrangement, you will retain us to do very specific things pertaining to your matter or to provide legal services for only a part of your matter.  We will not handle your legal matter from start to finish. 

The idea behind this is that a limited-scope retainer increases access to justice because it offers clients a cost-effective way to obtain legal services when they can't afford a lawyer for their entire matter (or when they choose to be a self-represented litigant and don't need to pay for a lawyer for every step of their case). 

For other lawyers who need to outsource some of their litigation-related work to us, our litigation support services also make sense.  It is exactly like contracting your own legal staff, only at a fraction of the cost because we charge below-market rates for these services.  As a legal professional who's contracted us for these services, you can then either (i) pass on the cost directly to your client, (ii) cover the cost of our work yourself, or (iii) with your client's consent, mark up the cost of our work when charging your client in a manner that is fair and reasonable but which also allows you to make a profit from the mark up.  This is - conceptually - how many law firms are run for profit: the associates are paid a certain salary and their work is invoiced to the firm's clients at a premium.

Whether you are another lawyer looking to outsource your work or whether you are a self-represented litigant, consider using our litigation support services.  We provide these services on a case-by-case basis and will carefully assess each situation.

We deceive ourselves when we fancy that only weakness needs support. Strength needs it far more.

- Sophie Swetchine

Litigation Support Services we can help you with.

There is a wide-range of support that we can provide for other lawyers and self-represented litigants. 

Consulting or legal coaching about your case.  Drafting and/or reviewing various types of court documents pertaining to your case.

Researching the law in the context of the specific set of facts applicable to your case.