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For Lawyers and Self-Represented Litigants

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We offer these services through a limited-scope retainer, which is sometimes referred to as an “unbundling” agreement.  With this type of arrangement, you will retain us to do very specific things pertaining to your matter or to provide legal services for only a part of your matter.  We will not handle your legal matter from start to finish. 

The idea behind this is that a limited-scope retainer increases access to justice because it offers clients a cost-effective way to obtain legal services when they can’t afford a lawyer for their entire matter (or when they choose to be a self-represented litigant and don’t need to pay for a lawyer for every step of their case). 

For other lawyers who need to outsource some of their litigation-related work to us, our litigation support services also make sense.  It is exactly like contracting your own legal staff, only at a fraction of the cost because we charge below-market rates for these services.  As a legal professional who’s contracted us for these services, you can then either (i) pass on the cost directly to your client, (ii) cover the cost of our work yourself, or (iii) with your client’s consent, mark up the cost of our work when charging your client in a manner that is fair and reasonable but which also allows you to make a profit from the mark up.  This is – conceptually – how many law firms are run for profit: the associates are paid a certain salary and their work is invoiced to the firm’s clients at a premium.

Whether you are another lawyer looking to outsource your work or whether you are a self-represented litigant, consider using our litigation support services.  We provide these services on a case-by-case basis and will carefully assess each situation.


Consulting or legal coaching about your case.  Drafting and/or reviewing various types of court documents pertaining to your case.


Researching the law in the context of the specific set of facts applicable to your case.  Results delivered to you in the format of a Legal Memorandum.

For Lawyers and the Self-Represented

Assessing Your Matter

We first have to assess each matter on a case-by-case basis to ensure that we can provide our limited-scope services in a manner that is adequately competent.  There are a number of factors that must be considered, including the circumstances of your unique matter, your budget, etc.  Each case is different and each prospective client is different.

Our Fees

No Surprises

We are completely transparent about our fees and, for a lot of our Litigation Support Services practice, we prefer to discuss your budget to ensure that we are on the same page from the beginning.  We also provide you with various payment options, including hourly fees and fixed-fee payment structures, including a combination of fixed-fee and other alternative fee arrangements.

Unique Service


The reason we’ve implemented this unique service is to provide self-represented litigants with access to justice by offering a cost-effective option for helping with their matter.  It also provides other lawyers with an opportunity to outsource some of their overflow work in a way that makes financial sense.

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Frequently Asked Questions

We cover various areas of law, including:

·  Business Law
·  Employment Law
·  Pension and Benefits
·  Insurance Law
·  Tort Law
·  Environmental Law
·  Practice and Procedure
·  Construction Law
·  Estates and Trusts Law
·  Municipal and Planning Law
·  Property Law

Some of the Motions we can help you with include:

·  Motion to Amend Pleadings
·  Anti-SLAPP Motion
·  Motion Challenging Jurisdiction
·  Motion for a Certificate of Pending Litigation
·  Motion to Remove Yourself as Lawyer of Record
·  Motion for Rule 45 Preservation Order
·  Motion for an Anton Pillar Order
·  Motion for a Mareva Injunction
·  Motion for a Sealing Order
·  Motion for Security for Costs
·  Motion for a Status Hearing
·  Motion to Strike Out Pleadings
·  Motion for Summary Judgment
·  Undertakings and Refusals Motion

A limited-scope retainer is also known as an “unbundling” agreement or discreet legal services.  It means the provision of legal services by a lawyer for part, but not all, of a client’s legal matter by agreement between the lawyer and the client (see Rule 1.1-1 of the LSO’s Rules of Professional Conduct).

For example, under a limited-scope retainer, the lawyer and client may agree that the lawyer will provide the client with one or more of the following legal services: document review or preparation, legal research, legal advice, legal coaching, or representation at a specific stage of a matter.  The client represents himself or herself in all other aspects of the case.

Limited-scope legal services have been offered by lawyers for many years in numerous areas of practice in Ontario.  There is a recent interest in them and they are now becoming more common as they are seen as a way to address access to justice issues.

Please start by contacting us or completing the Consultation Intake Form.  We assess all potential limited-scope matters on a case-by-case basis and, among other things, you will be required to read through and complete various documentation.  Either way, we look forward to serving your needs, whether through full or limited-scope representation.

We are lawyers licenced with the LSO and the same rules of professional conduct apply to our practice.  The client always remains your client (or your firm’s client) and, when you retain us, you are retaining us on an individual-contract basis.  While you should obtain consent from your client to use our services (ask us about this if you need help), the information that is provided to us is strictly confidential in accordance with Rule 3.3-1 of the LSO’s Rules of Professional Conduct.

Furthermore, if we act as a contract lawyer for you, we cannot work on other projects for different lawyers or law firms where the end-clients could be deemed to be adverse in interest to each other (see Rule 3.4-1 of the LSO’s Rules of Professional Conduct).  Likewise, we cannot assist one lawyer or law firm in a matter substantially related to (or the same as) a previous matter formerly handled for a different lawyer or law firm where the former and current client have materially adverse interests to each other.  This is why we run a conflict-check when we are retained by other lawyers or law firms on a contract basis.

Each individual request will have to be analyzed on a case-by-case basis.  Sometimes the work will be urgent but relatively manageable.  Other times, we may have to drop everything we’re doing and pull an “all-nighter” to complete the work.  Please contact us or complete the Consultation Intake Form and let’s discuss.

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