Grigoras Law is a distinguished civil law firm with a reputation for excellence. Based in Toronto, Ontario, we specialize in business law and civil litigation and provide representation to clients in Ontario and Nevada. Our team has extensive experience and proficiency in handling complex litigation and transactional work. We offer a unique advantage in multifaceted cases. We pride ourselves in our ability to understand the overlap between various areas of law and deliver targeted solutions to our clients.

Our proficiency in Canadian and U.S. law allows us to provide comprehensive legal services to a diverse client base. We strive to provide exceptional representation through our proactive and forward-thinking approach.

"The Law is reason, free from passion."

- Aristotle

Legal Team

Denis Grigoras
Denis Grigoras, Lawyer

Denis is the firm’s founder.  Having handled a wide-range of complex litigation and transactional matters throughout his career, he’s determined to get the results that his clients deserve.

Rachelle Wabischewich
Rachelle Wabischewich, Lawyer

Rachelle is an unwavering problem-solver.  She enjoys cases that require complex advocacy or transactional work and she’s determined to advance her clients’ best interests at every step.