Family Law

Grigoras Law takes on a select set of family law cases involving divorce and separation – and pre-emptively addressing divorce and separation – in situations requiring division of commercial assets between the partners.  Therefore, our Family Law practice only handles divorce and separation matters and domestic contracts (such as marriage contracts, separation agreements, and cohabiting agreements) where business assets are involved. 

Our Family Law practice handles unique domestic contracts involving a division of business assets and court proceedings focused on a division of business assets.  The latter often involve parallel, albeit different, family and civil court claims.

Types of Family Law Matters we can Help You With

A divorce is when a valid marriage breaks down and is dissolved on the date of the decree of divorce.  A divorce can be initiated as: (i) a simple (uncontested divorce) where the applicant requests a divorce alone and no other additional relief, (ii) a joint divorce (initiated by both spouses) where they request a divorce alone (on consent) or a divorce and other relief (on consent), or (iii) a divorce with corollary issues (contested) where the applicant seeks a divorce and other relief.  You can look to retain us in situations where the issues are contested.  

The same type of separation issues dealing with corollary issues like division of property, support amounts, parenting time, etc., arise in situations where spouses were living together in marriage-like relationships but were not legally married.  LEARN MORE.

Domestic contracts are specialized agreements that deal with various stages and situations related to a couple’s relationship.  When business assets need to be addressed as part of a couple’s relationship, these contracts can take on the form of a specialized commercial agreement; in fact, they need to.  Domestic contracts with these characteristic can include Marriage Contracts, Cohabitation Agreements, and Separation Agreements.  LEARN MORE.