We can represent you in a variety of business-related matters where you need documents or agreements drafted, reviewed, and/or negotiated. 

The below list of documents and agreements pertaining to our Employment area of practice describes some of the legal paperwork that we can help you review, draft, and/or negotiate. 

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Types of Employment documents we can help you with.

Our mission is to help you in the drafting process.  Whether you need us to review, draft, or negotiate, we’re here to ensure that your interests are protected and that your objectives are achieved.

⋅ Cease and desist letter: breach of continuing obligations (departing employee)
⋅ Cease and desist letter: breach of continuing obligations (new employer)
⋅ Confidentiality and non-disclosure agreement: employment
⋅ Confidentiality and proprietary rights (IP) agreement
⋅ Continuing obligations letter (departing employee)
⋅ Continuing obligations letter (new employer)
⋅ Discipline letter (confirmation of verbal warning)
⋅ Discipline letter (suspension)
⋅ Discipline letter (written warning)
⋅ Employee retention bonus agreement
⋅ Employment agreement (fixed term, fixed notice)
⋅ Employment agreement (fixed term, minimum standards notice)
⋅ Employment agreement (fixed term, notice formula)
⋅ Employment agreement (indefinite term, fixed notice)
⋅ Employment agreement (indefinite term, minimum standards notice)
⋅ Employment agreement (indefinite term, notice formula)
⋅ Executive employment agreement (indefinite term)
⋅ Executive employment agreement (fixed term)
⋅ Independent contractor/consultant agreement
⋅ Investigation report
⋅ Investigator retainer letter
⋅ Last chance agreement (disability accommodation)
⋅ Last chance agreement (non-accommodation)
⋅ Letter offering work in mitigation of damages during notice period
⋅ Letter requesting employment insurance overpayment information
⋅ Letter serving notice and offering employment on new terms
⋅ Letter to employee inquiring about need for accommodation
⋅ Letter to employee regarding failure to cooperate during absence
⋅ Letter to employee regarding meeting to discuss medical absence
⋅ Letter to employee reminding of duty to provide medical information (accommodation)
⋅ Letter to employee requesting information from physician (accommodation)
⋅ Letter to employee requesting permission to contact physician (accommodation)
⋅ Letter to employer enclosing draft employment agreement
⋅ Letter to physician requesting employee medical information
⋅ Litigation hold notice
⋅ Non-compete, non-solicit, and non-disclosure agreement
⋅ Offer letter (asset purchase and full service recognition)
⋅ Offer letter (asset purchase and minimum service recognition)
⋅ Offer letter (promotion – existing contractual notice)
⋅ Offer letter (promotion – no existing contractual notice)
⋅ Participation in investigation letter to complainant
⋅ Participation in investigation letter to respondent employee
⋅ Release (lump sump)
⋅ Release (salary continuance)
⋅ Resignation letter (employee)
⋅ Results of investigation letter to complainant
⋅ Results of investigation letter to respondent (allegations not substantiated)
⋅ Statutory declaration (employment insurance)
⋅ Statutory declaration (mitigation income)
⋅ Suspension pending investigation letter
⋅ Termination letter (contract with termination clause)
⋅ Termination letter (frustration due to medical disability)
⋅ Termination letter (job abandonment)
⋅ Termination letter (just cause)
⋅ Termination letter (lump-sum payment)
⋅ Termination letter (minimum standards only)
⋅ Termination letter (multiple options)
⋅ Termination letter (salary continuance)
⋅ Termination letter (working notice and lump sum payment)
⋅ Termination letter (working notice and salary continuance)
⋅ Termination letter (working notice)

⋅ Accessible customer service policy
⋅ Attendance policy
⋅ Authorization for physician disclosure of medical information
⋅ Bereavement leave policy
⋅ Bring your own device to work policy
⋅ Candidate privacy policy
⋅ Code of business conduct and ethics
⋅ Company car policy
⋅ Confidential information policy
⋅ Disability accommodation policy
⋅ Discipline policy
⋅ Discrimination, harassment, or reprisal complaint form
⋅ Drug and alcohol policy (non-safety-sensitive workplace)
⋅ Employee privacy policy
⋅ Harassment policy
⋅ Human rights policy
⋅ IT and communications system policy
⋅ Medical absence form
⋅ Overtime policy
⋅ Performance evaluation form
⋅ Performance management policy
⋅ Personal vehicle for business use policy
⋅ Pregnancy leave and paternal leave policy
⋅ Social media policy
⋅ Statutory holiday policy
⋅ Telecommuting policy
⋅ Travel and business expense reimbursement policy
⋅ Vacation policy
⋅ Workplace incident reporting form
⋅ Workplace violence employee survey
⋅ Workplace violence incident report
⋅ Workplace violence policy
⋅ Workplace violence risk assessment form