Covid-19 Litigation

The COVID-19 pandemic continues to raise litigation issues across the full spectrum of law.  Although a constantly-moving target, COVID-19 litigation can involve different types of claims, including those asserting constitutional challenges, those seeking remedies under the Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms, various claims against institutions of higher learning, and claims against regulatory bodies that regulate the practice of a profession or trade by setting standards of knowledge and proficiency for practitioners of the profession.  The basis for such claims can be rooted in a wide range of actions such as attempting to mandate vaccinations in an unlawful manner, quelling legitimate scientific inquiry, breaching performance obligations in a contract, engaging in defamatory communication, or breaching an individual’s privacy rights.

Our Covid-19 Litigation practice focuses on various constitutional law remedies, claims against academic institutions, and appeals of decisions made by regulatory bodies affecting professionals that they regulate.

Types of Covid-19 Litigation Matters we can Help You With