Business Law

Corporate and Mergers & Acquisitions

We can represent you in a variety of business-related matters where you need documents or agreements drafted, reviewed, and/or negotiated.  We can also help you conclude the underlying transaction.

The below list of documents and agreements pertaining to our Corporate and M&A practice area outlines some of the documents that we can help you review, draft, and/or negotiate.

Corporate Documents and Agreements

These are documents that relate to a company or other body corporate wherever or however incorporated and also include an entity recognized by law to be a person (or legal entity) other than an individual.

Corporate Governance Documents

Corporate governance involves a set of relationships between a company’s managers and stakeholders. It provides the structure for a company’s objectives, the means of attaining those objectives, and monitoring performance of those objectives.

Mergers and Acquisitions Documents and Agreements

These documents involve the acquisition or establishment, direct or indirect, by one or more persons, through various means, of control over or significant interest in the whole or a part of a business of a competitor, supplier, customer or other person.