Commercial Real Estate

We can represent you in a variety of business-related matters where you need documents or agreements drafted, reviewed, and/or negotiated. 

The below list of documents and agreements pertaining to our Commercial Real Estate area of practice describes some of the legal paperwork that we can help you review, draft, and/or negotiate. 

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Types of Commercial Real Estate documents we can help you with.

Our mission is to help you in the drafting process.  Whether you need us to review, draft, or negotiate, we’re here to ensure that your interests are protected and that your objectives are achieved.

⋅ Access & Right of Way Agreement
⋅ Easement Agreements
⋅ Encroachment Agreements (Easement or Licence)
⋅ Parking Easement Agreement
⋅ Reciprocal Easement Agreement
⋅ Restrictive Covenant Agreement
⋅ Acknowledgement and direction
⋅ Amendment to APS
⋅ Assignment and assumption of contracts
⋅ Assignment and assumption of leasehold interest
⋅ Assignment and assumption of leases
⋅ Assignment and assumption of permitted encumbrances
⋅ Assignment and assumption of APS
⋅ Assignment of due diligence materials
⋅ Bill of sale
⋅ Board resolution for purchaser (commercial real estate acquisition)
⋅ Board resolution for vendor (commercial real estate disposition)
⋅ Closing agenda: commercial real estate purchase and sale
⋅ Confidentiality and non-disclosure agreement (commercial real estate acquisition)
⋅ Counsel’s undertaking to discharge
⋅ Direction re: title
⋅ Document registration agreement (multi-party)
⋅ Document registration agreement (two-party)
⋅ Escrow agreement (acquisitions)
⋅ Extension of deadlines
⋅ Future development APS
⋅ Holdback escrow agreement (acquisitions)
⋅ Income-producing properties APS
⋅ Indemnification agreement, etc.
⋅ Investment/commercial/industrial properties APS
⋅ Landlord estoppel certificate (acquisitions)
⋅ Letter of intent (commercial real estate purchase and sale)
⋅ Multiple commercial properties APS
⋅ Non-merger agreement
⋅ Notice of waiver or satisfaction of condition (APS)
⋅ Notice to tenant of transfer (commercial real estate purchase and sale)
⋅ Off-titles authorization (consent)
⋅ Officer’s certificate: bring-down certificate (purchaser)
⋅ Officer’s certificate: bring-down certificate (vendor)
⋅ Officer’s certificate: commercial real estate acquisition
⋅ Option to purchase agreement
⋅ Post-closing undertaking
⋅ Purchaser’s GST/HST declaration and indemnity
⋅ Receipt re: payment of closing funds
⋅ Specific assumption and assignment of lease/contract (acquisitions)
⋅ Statement of adjustments
⋅ Statutory declaration of vendor regarding sue diligence materials
⋅ Tenant estoppel certificate (acquisitions)
⋅ Undertakings to readjust (vendor, purchaser, mutual)
⋅ Vacant land APS
⋅ Vendor s.116 statutory declaration
⋅ Acknowledgement of standard charge terms
⋅ Assignment of leases and rents
⋅ Assignment of contracts, warranties, and insurance policies
⋅ Board resolutions (lending): borrower
⋅ Bring-down certificate (finance): corporation
⋅ Bring-down certificate (finance): general partnership
⋅ Closing agenda: real property
⋅ Co-owner collateral cross-charge
⋅ Commitment letter
⋅ Demand debenture
⋅ Direction re: funds
⋅ Direction re: funds and re-direction re: funds for a commercial real estate acquisition
⋅ Environmental indemnification agreement
⋅ Escrow closing agreement
⋅ General security agreement (site-specific)
⋅ Guarantee
⋅ Mortgage
⋅ Mortgage amending agreement
⋅ Mortgage schedule
⋅ Receipt of funds
⋅ Subordination, non-disturbance, and attornment agreement
⋅ Tenant estoppel certificate
⋅ Tri-party beneficial owner agreement
⋅ Amendment to lease agreement (relocation)
⋅ Commercial lease agreement
⋅ Commercial lease amendment agreement
⋅ Ground lease agreement
⋅ Industrial/warehouse lease agreement (pro-landlord or pro-tenant)
⋅ Landlord consent to assignment of lease
⋅ Landlord consent to sublease
⋅ Landlord estoppel certificate (commercial lease)
⋅ Landlord waiver and collateral access agreement
⋅ Lease commencement date agreement
⋅ Lease extension agreement
⋅ Lease renewal notice
⋅ Notice of monetary default (commercial lease)
⋅ Notice of non-monetary default (commercial lease)
⋅ Notice of termination of lease (landlord)
⋅ Offer to lease (office lease)
⋅ Offer to lease (retail lease)
⋅ Offer to lease (multi-tenant gross lease)
⋅ Retail lease agreement (pro-landlord or pro-tenant)
⋅ Sublease agreement (part of premises)
⋅ Sublease agreement (part of premises and part of term)
⋅ Sublease agreement (whole of premises and part of term)
⋅ Surrender and acceptance agreement
⋅ Tenant due diligence access agreement
⋅ Crane swing licence agreement
⋅ Tie-back and shoring agreement (easement)
⋅ Tie-back and shoring agreement (licence)
⋅ Co-owners agreement
⋅ Declaration of trust
⋅ Escrow funds release certificate
⋅ Nominee agreement
⋅ Property management agreement