Business Law

Commercial Real Estate

We can represent you in a variety of business-related matters where you need documents or agreements drafted, reviewed, and/or negotiated. 

The below list of documents and agreements pertaining to our Commercial Real Estate area of practice describes some of the legal paperwork that we can help you review, draft, and/or negotiate. 

Access Related Agreements

These types of agreements grant an easement or a licence for access and egress, or a right of way, over part of one parcel of real property for the benefit of another.

Agreements of Purchase and Sale and Related Documents

These agreements relate to the purchase and sale of different types of commercial real estate, such as those containing commercial or vacant properties, those containing income-producing properties with leases and tenants, those having a commercial, investment or industrial application, etc.

Commercial Real Estate Loans

These agreements relate to documents between a lender and a borrower for a loan that is typically secured by a charge or mortgage of the commercial real property.

Lease Agreements and Related Documents

These documents relate to a lease of land or all or part of a building to be occupied by the tenant for the carrying on of some kind of business activity. They can be further subcategorized as as ground leases, industrial or warehouse leases, office leases or retail leases.

Development-Related Documents and Agreements

These documents deal with various land change, such as clearing, digging, grubbing, stripping, removal of vegetation, dredging, grading, excavating, transporting and filling of land, construction or modification of improvements, paving, and any other installation of impervious cover.

Commercial Real Estate Documents and Agreements

These documents relate to every possible interest in commercial land.