Civil Litigation

Civil litigation is complex and adversarial in nature.  It is the only mechanism for establishing your legal theory and bringing the law into effect.  Our objective is to help our clients obtain the benefit of every remedy or defence allowed by the law.

Our Civil Litigation practice covers a wide range of areas of law, many of which overlap.  We will fearlessly advocate for you and seek to obtain the best possible outcome.   

Types of Civil Litigation Matters we can Help You With

Tort claims generally refer to personal injury actions involving an injury to life or limb, reputation, business, etc.  A tort refers to a breach of duty that’s imposed by law whereby some person acquires a right of action for damages.   LEARN MORE.

Commercial litigation involves business disputes of various kinds and of various complexity.  The disputes can be agreement (or contract) based or they can arise by operation of law.  Oftentimes, these are high-value and complex disputes that involve multiple parties and overlapping areas of law.   LEARN MORE.

Fraud involves the intentional deception resulting in an injury to another.  It usually consists of a misrepresentation, concealment or nondisclosure of a material fact, or at least misleading conduct, devices or contrivance.  LEARN MORE.

Claims involving the written assurances for the return or payment of money.  These often contain instruments giving their legal holders a right to money or other property.   LEARN MORE.