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Capital Markets & Securities

Capital markets are also known as financial markets and they connect persons (whether individuals or businesses) who have money (or “capital”) with other people and businesses who need it.[1]  There are a variety of types of capital markets, including stock markets, bond markets, currency markets, and commodity markets.[2]  Securities are bought and sold on these markets by investors.  But securities can also be issued by private companies and/or persons (whether individuals or businesses).

What constitutes a “security” is, therefore, an important question.  A security is defined in s. 1(1) the Securities Act, R.S.O. 1990, c. S.5 (the “Act”) and consists of a non-exhaustive list of 16 clauses that are expressed in general terms; the Act’s intention is to define the term security broadly and capture a wide breadth of financial instruments.[3]

We can help you in a variety of business-related matters where you need documents or agreements drafted, reviewed, and/or negotiated.

The below list of documents and agreements pertaining to our Capital Markets & Securities area of practice describes some of the legal paperwork that we can help you review, draft, and/or negotiate.

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Capital Markets & Securities Agreements and Related Transaction Documents

These agreements deal with the financial markets for trading of financial securities and long term debt or, in terms of securities, the written assurances for the return or payment of money.

Corporate Governance Documents

Corporate governance involves a set of relationships between a company’s managers and stakeholders. It provides the structure for a company’s objectives, the means of attaining those objectives, and monitoring performance of those objectives.

Disclosure-Related Documents

Disclosure documents will generally contain forward-looking information but they can also refer to public announcements or public releases that relate to a company’s important news.