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Our Multi-Dimensional Approach

Business Focused

Achieving business success is just as much a matter of implementing your good ideas as it is successfully navigating through various challenges.  The road to success isn’t linear and it certainly won’t be challenge-free.  To be successful, you need to be determined.  You need to persevere.  And you need to be prepared.  At Grigoras Law, that’s what we’re here for – to help you prepare for contingencies ahead of time, to help you plan and structure your business ideas, and to help you weather any storms. 

Too many times, a lawyer’s involvement can unnecessarily sink a business deal.  There can be a lack of understanding where the lawyer doesn’t understand the business or where the businessperson doesn’t understand the law.  Not with us.  Our focus is on your business and on your objectives.  We take the time to actively listen to you and understand your business and we take the time to explain the legal components.  And then we get to work.  “Simple” things aren’t taken for granted, but neither do complexities act as a deterrent; in fact, we welcome challenges.  But, that’s probably why you reached out to us in the first place.


General information about starting, growing, structuring, or protecting your business and help navigating legal issues. 


Drafting, reviewing, and/or negotiating various business-related documentation covering a wide variety of practice areas.


Drafting, reviewing, and/or auditing policies and procedures (or any single policy or procedure) for your business.


Various customized legal service packages for your unique small business, whether starting up or expanding.  

Customized Packages

What Your Business Needs

Your business’s legal paperwork is important.  And while our focus is on the wide-range of business documents and agreements that we draft, review, and/or negotiate for you to ensure your business’s continued success, our Business Law practice can provide entrepreneurs, businesspersons, and specialized employees with various customized services depending on their unique requirements.

Our Fees

No Surprises

We are completely transparent about our fees and, for a lot of our Business Law practice, we prefer to discuss your budget to ensure that we are on the same page from the beginning.  We also provide you with various payment options, including hourly fees and fixed-fee payment structures, including a combination of fixed-fee and other alternative fee arrangements.  

Your Starting Point

Let's Discuss

We provide small business consultations categorized into different tiers, depending on the scope of the requested consultation.  Most legal consultations don’t afford enough time to discuss your business, nor the various legal issues involved, nor the legal options available to you.  Our small business consultations are comprehensive and they can provide you with an informative starting point.

Contracts and Documents
Contracts and Documents

You Have Questions. We Have Answers.

Frequently Asked Questions

The first thing to do is to fill out the Consultation Intake Form to allow us to obtain some background information about you and your business.  It’s also the first step in allowing us to assess your questions, concerns, and needs in the context of your unique business.

Next, we’ll proceed to schedule a free 20-minute initial consultation by phone or videoconference.  This consultation will help us determine if and how we can help you, how much it will cost for our help, and whether you’re on board.  In most situations, this is all the time that we’ll need with you; sometimes, we’ll have to talk a bit longer than 20-minutes, but there’s no charge for that.  We’ll then send you an engagement (retainer) letter outlining the scope of our services and our fees.  You sign it back and we’ll get started.

There are some instances when you may need to consult with us for a longer period of time in order for all of us to get the lay of the land.  If we see this happening during our free 20-minute initial consultation, we may recommend one of our Small Business Consulting packages.  You may want one of these packages anyways (you’re entitled to a free 20-minute initial consultation in any case).  If you want one of these packages, we’ll send you an engagement (retainer) letter outlining the scope of our services and our fees for the small business consultation.  You sign it back and we’ll schedule the appropriate consultation by phone or videoconference.  After our small business consultation, you may be satisfied with the information we provide and that may be it.  (Time to get back to world domination.)  Or you may want to retain us for a specific service.  If it’s the latter, we’ll discuss if and how we can help you, how much it will cost for our help, and whether you’re on board.  We’ll then send you another engagement (retainer) letter outlining the scope of our services and our fees.  You sign it back and we’ll get started.  Any charges you incur for the Small Business Consulting will be deducted from your next invoice(s) that relate to our subsequent retainer.

We’re a small business ourselves and, rest assured, we’ve been through thick and thin.  We’d be happy to talk to you.  Keep in mind that you can start with the free 20-minute initial consultation by phone or videoconference.  One of the things we can discuss at that time is your unique situation, including your budget and how (or if) we can work around it.  Contact us or start by completing the Consultation Intake Form.

If a document is not listed, please contact us.  Sometimes, you may not even know the exact name of the document (or the area of law for that matter) that you need help with, but you can describe your unique situation to us and we can help you.

We’ve tried to comprehensively list as many documents and agreements as possible that we can draft, review, and/or negotiate for you; however, in setting a fixed-fee price for each type of service, we’ve had to consider a starting point by setting the price for introductory-level services (whether for reviewing, drafting, or negotiating) for the specific document in question.  Each business situation is unique and the service we are called on to provide will be different from situation to situation.  For example, negotiating a shareholder agreement for one business situation may take three times longer than another situation.  The price point will be assessed on a case-by-case basis.  That being said, the biggest differences will be in situations involving the greatest uncertainty, such as for document and agreement negotiations.

Yes, we’d be happy to consider your specific needs and help you if we can.  Our main focus is the stuff listed in this section, but we can help you with a variety of different things.  Please contact us or use the Consultation Intake Form to get started and tell us your story and how we can fit into it. 

In order to remain compliant with our professional rules of conduct, we may have to identify you (whether you’re an individual or an organization) and obtain certain basic information about you. 

Then, depending on the circumstances, we may sometimes be required to verify your identity by looking at  and taking a copy of independent source documents, data, or information which will differ depending on whether you’re an individual or an organization (e.g. a driver’s licence for an individual, a corporate profile report for a corporation, a copy of the partnership agreement for a partnership). 

When it comes to information about you, such as the above-noted background information, this information is kept strictly confidential and we store it in accordance with the standards set out by the Law Society of Ontario and our Privacy Policy.

We strive to make our clients Succeed.

So, let's succeed together.