About Us

We are a general practice law firm that focuses on business law, civil litigation, family law, and administrative law.  We work tirelessly to protect and advance our clients’ interests.  Our legal work and proficiency inside and outside the court room gives us a level of understanding that sets us apart from other firms: it gives us the ability to see the big picture where different areas of law overlap, and that makes all the difference.

The law is reason, free from passion.

- Aristotle

legal team
Our lawyers draft, negotiate, review, counsel, and advocate. We do it all.

At Grigoras Law, we provide our clients with straightforward advice and treat them like we would want to be treated.  Contact us for your legal needs.

Denis is the firm’s founder.  Having handled a wide-range of complex litigation and transactional matters throughout his career, he’s determined to get the results that his clients deserve.  Read more about Denis.

Rachelle is an unwavering problem-solver.  She enjoys cases that require complex advocacy or transactional work and she’s determined to advance her clients’ best interests at every step.  Read more about Rachelle.